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HubCo is an online portal that offers a simple but powerful way to find property online. After many years of being in the industry, founder Luke Barrett embarked on a mission to create a property portal for everyone. A friendly online space where users can post their thoughts or their latest listings. HubCo did not happen overnight and has been a long-time side project for like an age. 

Our Mission

Our art is our passion and our passion is property. We love it! Our mission is to create an open online space where members can interact with each other, discover property inspiration and find the property and services that they want and need.

What We Do

HubCo offers a bunch of services to help find the perfect property including a stream of user posts, where users can see the latest properties for sale, property for rent and can ask the members questions or simply let everyone know what is on their mind. Bookmarks for the property or posts that they like, a calendar to see the up-coming properties they have added to the calendar. We also have a property industry directory where members and the general public can find the services that they ae looking for. A central HUB for the property industry.


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